Puppy Mental Stimulation

new puppy lifestyle 1 toyPlaying with your puppy

Playtime is important for puppies as it provides exercise and mental stimulation, which is important to prevent boredom which can lead to unwanted behaviours.  Find time several times a day to play with your puppy, it's good to involve the whole family.  Rotate the toys you offer your puppy for variety.  Using toys that contain a piece of their food are both mentally stimulating and rewarding and can keep your puppy entertained for a long time.  Play in the garden, but ensure that the garden is puppy proofed first.  Read more about Puppy Proofing your Home and Garden

You won't be able to take your puppy to training classes until after their 2nd vaccinations, but you can start some simple training at home such as 'sit', 'lie down', 'stay' and 'come'.  Reward your puppy with pieces of food from his daily allowance.

You can use playtime as an opportunity to get your puppy accustomed to being handled.  Getting them accustomed to being examined from an early age will help make it easier for you to check them regularly for ticks, fleas or sores, and it makes tooth brushing easier too.  Gently move your fingers around their mouth area, touch their toes, look in their ears and work your way around their body making the experience playful.

For more information speak to one of our veterinary nurses.