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What to do in an emergency


What to do in an emergency

In surgery hours call:

Out of hours emergencies: 01620 822262

Our Own Emergency Service

At Links Vet Group we believe that the care of our patients doesn't finish at tea time or at 5.00pm on a Friday, and we NEVER send you and your pets miles away to an unfamiliar surgery. We operate our own local 24-hour service 365 days a year from our Haddington practice with easy parking in familiar surroundings. This ensures that you’ll always been seen by a familiar vet who has access to your pet’s full medical history and allows full follow up in the following days.

Being seen locally is less stressful for both owners and their pets than driving to an emergency care provider in Edinburgh the middle of the night, when time is quite possibly of the essence when an animal is sick. We are passionate about providing our own emergency service and strongly believe this is fundamental to providing a good service to our clientele.

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If you're concerned about your pet, but it's not an emergency that needs to be seen urgently, you can call the emergency veterinary team for advice over the phone.  

There is a charge for this service, but if your pet needs to be seen by a vet at a later stage, this charge will be deducted from your total bill.

See our current charges here.

It can be distressing when your animal is unwell or had an accident, and it can be difficult to know if it’s an emergency and if you should call the vet urgently.

Our guide lists the circumstances that are true veterinary emergencies, but if in doubt always call your vet, or their emergency out-of-hours provider.

Emergency Symptoms

  • Not breathing, or finding it difficult to breathe
  • Unresponsive, lethargic or weak
  • Having a seizure
  • In a lot of pain
  • Persistent vomiting or with blood or lethargy
  • Bloody diarrhoea
  • Having difficulty moving
  • Bleeding heavily
  • A red, sore or closed eye or any foreign object in the eye
  • Choking

Other Emergency Situations

  • Possibly eaten something poisonous. For example: – rat poison, slug pellets, chocolate, xylitol (sugar-free sweetener)
  • May have eaten something that could cause a tear or blockage. For example – stones, toy, bone, sharp object
  • May have broken bones or experienced significant trauma

Registered with another practice?

Our 24 hour service and hospitalisation facilities are for the use of Links Vet Group clients only. If you are registered with another practice please contact your own practice for details of their emergency care provider.