Maintain a healthy weight

dog maintain a0healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight plays a huge part in a pet’s long term state of health and quality of life.  Being overweight increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and joint problems but as dogs age their body slows and uses less energy making it easier to gain excess weight. 

  • Feed a diet specially formulated for senior dogs.  They provide fewer calories whilst ensuring your pet gets the correct nutrients they need, and without going hungry.  
  • Monitor their weight regularly.  You can pop into any of our surgeries anytime and weigh [name] on the waiting room scales.

Weight loss (with or without a loss of appetite) is also concerning.  Although it can be normal for older dogs to lose a little weight, it can also be a sign of infection or disease, so it’s best to be checked out as soon as possible. 

At our free weight clinics our nurses advise on how to lose weight safely and monitor weight and body condition.  

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Maintain a healthy weight