After Care Following Sedation

After your pet has had a sedation he/she  may be a little drowsy on arrival home. This is normal and he/she should return to normal within 24-48 hours.

A small amount of hair may have been clipped from one or more of his/her legs and/or neck for the administration of the sedatives and collection of any blood samples.

Your pet requires rest for 24 hours and should be kept quiet and warm.

On arrival home, a small drink of water can be offered. As long as this causes no tummy upset then a small meal of recovery diet can be offered. Don’t be surprised if the normal appetite has not returned and only offer approximately half of a normal meal size.

If your pet was sedated for x-rays to be taken or to have a wound cleaned/stitched, the results will be discussed with you on discharge. Keep an eye on wounds for any signs of swelling, discharge or redness. If this occurs, please contact the surgery. Do not allow any excessive licking or scratching at the wound as this can delay healing and introduce infection. Buster collars can be supplied if necessary.

If a bandage has been applied, this needs to be kept clean and dry at all times. If the bandage slips or becomes wet or damaged then please arrange an appointment for a dressing change.

Sutures, if present, should be removed 10 days after the operation unless otherwise advised. Please arrange an appointment at reception.

Should you have any concerns please contact the surgery for advice:


Haddington:   01620 822262

Musselburgh:   0131 665 3343

North Berwick:   01620   894471

Dunbar:   01368 860461


Out of Hours

Emergency Out of Hours Service:   01620 822262