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If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.

FREE Health Checks for New Pets

Got a new pet? Come and see us!

FREE Health Checks for New Pets

Got a new pet? Come and see us!

We are offering FREE health checks for new clients to ensure your pet gets the best start. Book your free health check today.

Keeping pets healthy and avoiding pain and discomfort is just as important to us at Links Vet Group as treating sick or injured pets. With good preventative health care pets can stay fit and healthy for longer with a better quality of life and reduced pain. Which is why we offer a variety of additional free health checks throughout your pet’s life. These free health checks are a great opportunity to get to know the vets and the veterinary nurses, and the chance to have all your questions answered and reassurance that your pet is developing normally.

Free Initial Health Check

All new clients receive a thorough free health check to ensure that all is well. It also gives you and your pet an opportunity to meet the staff. If you would like a tour of the animal hospital just let us know in advance so that we can arrange a suitable time.

Free Annual Health Check 

Each year as part of the booster vaccination process your pet will receive a comprehensive health check. This includes checks on:

  • Weight and Body Condition
  • Nutrition
  • Dental Check
  • Behaviour
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Heart
  • Joints and Mobility
  • Flea and Worm Control
  • Skin and Coat

Free Dental Checks

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential for good health which is why we offer our clients free Dental Health Checks. Your pet’s teeth will be checked thoroughly and he’ll receive a free dental clean and demonstration to show you the best way to prevent dental disease. All pets undergoing dental surgery will be offered a free dental clinic follow up but these are also available to all clients at any time.

Free Weight Management Clinics

To help pets lose weight and reduce the risks of a variety of health conditions, we offer free weight management clinics.

Free 6 Month Health Check for our Health Care Plan Members

Members of the Pet Health Club receive an additional free health check mid-year.

Contact us to find out more or book your free health check online now using the 'free new client initial healthy pet check' option.