Weight Loss & Fitness

weight fitness

For Improved Quality of Life

Maintaining a healthy weight plays a huge part in a pet’s state of health and quality of life. It can reduce the risk of serious health issues and reduce pain for pets and expense for their owners. Being overweight by as little as 20% can increase the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and skin disease and mobility issues. Which is why, at Links Vet Group we’ve introduced Free Weight Management Clinics to help owners combat this growing problem.

If your pet is suffering from joint issues and pain associated with his weight we can offer additional therapies that help:

  • Reduce pain
  • Improve joint mobility

A combination of approaches are used depending on the pet’s needs. Initially your pet will be assessed so that a tailored programme can be developed. It may include the following:

  • Prescription Diets
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Exercise
  • Advice on adaptations to your pet’s environment

Prescription Diets

Simply cutting back on the number of calories often isn’t effective when it comes to helping a pet to lose weight. Just cutting back on your pet’s usual diet can also mean that they don’t get all the essential nutrients. To help pets lose weight safely whilst ensuring that they don’t go hungry and receive all the necessary nutrition we develop a tailored weight loss plan, feeding Hill’s Prescription Diets.



Overweight pets may have difficulty exercising because of the pressure put on their joints by the excess weight that they are carrying. Unfortunately this inability to exercise can cause the weight issue to worsen. Hydrotherapy can help with obesity as it enables overweight pets to exercise underwater thereby reducing the stress on their joints and minimising pain. The treadmill lengthens the pet’s stride and increases the benefits of exercise while minimising the pain and has been shown to help improve fitness. After a little hesitation most dogs tend to enjoy the whole experience and the nature of the treatment means that it is even suitable for older dogs.


Our physiotherapists can devise a safe exercise programme for overweight pets that can help keep an overweight pet active and be effective in aiding weight loss.

Advice on Adaptations to your Pet's Environmnet

Dog physiotherapists can also give advice on adaptations to your animals' environment that will help them perform tasks more easily. This can be especially helpful for older animals or for those who have recently had surgery.

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