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The Best Start for Your New Family Member

When a new puppy joins the family it’s an exciting time. At Links Vet Group you’ll get plenty of free advice and excellent preventative health care to give your new addition the best start in life. 

Plus with 2 Free Health Checks, (one with a vet and one with a veterinary nurse), you'll get plenty of opportunity to have your questions answered.














 Our Free Package for Puppies:

  • FREE NURSE CLINIC:   A relaxed half hour appointment at around 5 months to check that your puppy is developing well and to discuss a wide range of puppy care topics including behaviour, diet and nutrition, neutering and flea and worm prevention.  Read More...


Our Puppy Preventative Health Care Services:                                                                     

  • HALF PRICE PUPPY VACCINATIONS WITH LINKS HEALTH CARE PLAN:   Your puppy's primary course of vaccinations at half price, plus save at least £60 per year on essential health care to keep your puppy protected from infectious diseases, fleas, worms nad other parasites.  It includes annual vaccinations, 12 months; flea and worm treatment and 2 free health checks per year.  Plus discounts on neutering and microchipping, food and more. Read More...
  • VACCINATIONS:   Puppies need a Primary Course of 2 vaccinations at 8 and 12 weeks to protect them from the most common infectious diseases.  Read More...
  • MICROCHIPPING:   The best way to be reunited with your pet if they go missing and compulsory for puppies in the UK by 8 weeks of ageRead More...
  • FLEA AND WORM PROTECTION:  All dogs can be affected by the unpleasant and potentially dangerous effects of fleas and worms, but puppies are most vulnerable.  We recomend regular treatment from 2 weeks of age based in your own pet's specific risks.  Read More...
  • NEUTERING:   Neutering is usually recomended from 5 months and our vets and nurses will discuss the options with you. Read More...


Bringing your Puppy Home:

Puppy care advice and information for the early days

Settling Your Puppy

new puppy lifestyle 8Remember that this is likely to be the first time that your puppy has been away from familiar sights, sounds and smells which means it's a very stressful time for him.  It’s a good idea to ensure that there will be someone around for most of the time in the first few days when you bring your puppy home. Dogs are very social animals and crave company plus being around makes it easier to tackle toilet training. 

It’s a good idea to ensure that there will be someone around for most of the time in the first few days when you bring your puppy home. Dogs are very social animals and crave company plus being around makes it easier to tackle toilet training. 


Puppy Proofing Your Home

new puppy lifestyle 6Puppies are very inquisitive and inclined to chew anything within their reach so it’s important to keep floors clear and to keep anything dangerous out of their way such as electric cables.


Feeding Puppies

new puppy lifestyle 7 feedingWhen you first bring home your puppy, initially it is best to continue to feed the same food that it was fed by the breeder to avoid unsettling its stomach.  If you decide to change your puppy's food this should be done gradually over a period of about 2 weeks.  We recommend a complete diet that is specifically designed for puppies.  The calories and nutrients required by growing puppies are very different from those required by an older dog.


Toilet Training

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Lots of patience and lots of praise are the keys to successful toilet training. It’s important to give your puppy lots of opportunity to toilet outside by taking them out every hour initially, and always after feeding, after being left alone, after sleeping, exercise or after periods of play or excitement. Never punish or shout as this will make your puppy nervous and increase the risk of accidents.


Sound Desensitisation

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Puppies that are gradually introduced to a wide range of sounds from an early age are less likely to develop noise phobias and usually grow into more socialised, comfortable dogs.  Download the Sounds Programme to get stated at home as early as possible


Exercising Your Puppy

new puppy lifestyle 11 ouside bywaterIn the early days it’s important that puppies get lots of sleep and rest. They would happily follow you around the house all day so it’s a good idea to use an indoor kennel to restrict their exercise. Make it comfortable with a bed or blanket.

It’s important in the early days not to overdo it as their young bodies are still developing and over exercising in the early developing days can lead to painful joint problems, such as arthritis, in later life.

  • Initially restrict their exercise to play in the garden for 10-15 minutes.
  • Discourage them from jumping on and off furniture or running up and down stairs to help protect their joints.
  • Lift puppies in and out of the car in the early days.
  • Put rugs on hard floors to help avoid slipping
  • Let your puppy get accustomed to wearing a collar, initially putting it on for just a few minutes at a time

Mental Stimulation

new puppy lifestyle 1 toy
Playtime is important for puppies as it provides exercise and mental stimulation, which is important to prevent boredom which can lead to unwanted behaviours.  Find time several times a day to play with your puppy, it's good to involve the whole family. 

Rotate the toys you offer your puppy for variety.  Using toys that contain a piece of their food are both mentally stimulating and rewarding and can keep your puppy entertained for a long time.  Playing the garden, but ensure that the garden is puppy proofed first.


Home Alone

new puppy lifestyle 5Get the puppy accustomed to being left alone by leaving them for very short times initially and gradually build up the time left.  Dogs shouldn’t be left for more than 4 hours at a time on a regular basis.  Boredom can cause dogs to bark or be destructive in the house.


First Visit to the Vets

new puppy lifestyle 3 bustercollarThe first time your puppy visits us is likely to be their Free Initial Health Check or First Vaccinations if these haven’t' been carried out by the breeder.  Allow a few days at home for your new pet to settle before bringing them for their health check.


Puppy Grooming

new puppy lifestyle 4 runningGet your puppy accustomed to being groomed from early on.  It helps with bonding and grooming helps them to get accustomed to being examined.  If you get into the habit of daily grooming it not only keeps the coat in good condition, but also if a problem arises with the skin or coat it enables you to notice it early. 


Puppy Training

new puppy lifestyle 2 hiding
Puppies can attend formal training classes once they've had their second vaccinations.  But in the early days you can start some training of basic commands at home such as 'sit' and 'stay'.  Rewarding your puppy with food is an effective way to train, but to avoid over feeding it is a good idea to use some of the kibbles from their daily food allowance.