• Help Stop Puppy Farming

It sounds like a good idea: saving an adorable young puppy from an illegal dealer who neglects their basic rights. Sadly, this helps support the Puppy Farming Trade, and whilst you would rescue one puppy; neglect, stress and trauma would remain in store for many more.

The government is taking action on this critical animal welfare issue, and if you’re thinking of purchasing a puppy there are things you can do too.

What can you do?

  • Avoid spontaneous purchases
  • Buy from a reputable breeder. They may have a waiting list but a happy, healthy dog is worth waiting for.
  • Visit the puppies at 3-4 weeks
  • Collect your puppy at no younger than 8 weeks. Puppies shouldn’t be separated from their mothers before this.
  • See where the litter is kept. Is it safe and warm? Don’t trust a breeder who can’t show you where the puppies live, for whatever reason.
  • See them feed from their mother. If the mum is nowhere to be seen, the puppies were not bred at this location.
  • Seek regular updates and photos of the puppy. Genuine breeders will be happy to display their pets’ quality of care.
  • NEVER buy puppies from car parks or over the internet. In fact, only buy a puppy from the breeder’s home.

Don’t forget to visit your local rehoming centre. Last year the RSPCA rescued 129,602 animals. If you’re looking to save a dog from a disadvantaged background, this is the way to do it!

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