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Puppy Farming

Help Stop Puppy Farming


We’ve seen an unprecedented increase.
Follow our guide to ensure you’re buying from a responsible breeder.

The increased demand for puppies since lockdown has seen prices for pups soar in excess of £3000 for some breeds, and unethical ‘puppy farmers’ have taken advantage of this.  They breed dogs intensively in poor conditions with no care for the health and welfare of the mothers or puppies.   The puppies are removed from their mothers too early, and exposed to serious disease, before being transported long distances.  In England it is now illegal to buy from an unlicensed breeder, and while no such law exists in Scotland it is feared that more of this unethical trade is being driven north.

We’ve seen record numbers of puppies with questionable documentation, congenital defects or illnesses that require veterinary treatment very shortly after arriving with their new owner.  This is obviously cruel for the puppies and distressing for the unsuspecting owners, who were excited to bring a new puppy into the family, but are now left facing the unimaginably sad consequences.

Puppy farmers are cunning, and go to great lengths to appear legitimate, with up to 1 in 4 owners being taken in by them.  Buying one of their puppies helps to fund and encourage these seedy, unethical operations, but by following these tips you can ensure you only buy from a responsible breeder.

  1. Chooses a breeder who is registered with the Kennel Club or uses the Puppy contract https://puppycontract.org.uk
  2. Don’t buy online from Gumtree or similar sites and be wary of sellers describing themselves as ‘kennels’ or ‘farms’
  3. See where the litter is kept, Is it safe and warm? Don’t trust a breeder who can’t show you where the puppies live, for whatever reason.
  4. See them feed from their mother. If the mum is nowhere to be seen, the puppies were not bred at this location.
  5. Seek regular updates and photos of the puppy. Genuine breeders will be happy to display their pets’ quality of care.
  6. Only buy puppies from the breeder’s home. NEVER buy from car parks or over the internet, or from a seller who wants to drop off the puppy at your door.
  7. Visit the puppies at 3-4 weeks – seeing over Zoom or Facetime is not enough..
  8. Collect your puppy at no younger than 8 weeks. Puppies shouldn’t be separated from their mothers before this.
  9. GET documented evidence that the puppy has been wormed (every 2weeks from 0-8 weeks) and microchipped (it’s a legal requirement by 8 weeks).
  10. Do not import a puppy from abroad

For more advice visit https://getyourpetsafely.campaign.gov.uk

The SSPCA are running a campaign with the aim of ending illegal puppy dealing, for more information visit their dedicated website  https://www.saynotopuppydealers.co.uk/

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