Puppy Initial Vaccination Courses during the Coronavirus Crisis

At this time we can offer Puppy Initial Vaccination Courses from our surgeries in Musselburgh and Prestonpans.  Safe distance measures have been put in place to avoid face-to-face contact whilst enabling us to carry out these important vaccinations, and to provide owners with essential puppy health care advice.  (Please note, even if you are registered at one of our other surgeries you can make an appointment at our Musselburgh or Prestonpans branch for these services).

Your Puppy Vaccination Appointment includes:

  • 1st or 2nd Vaccination as appropriate
  • A phone call from the vet to discuss puppy health care advice including the vaccination programme, diet, exercise, parasite control, neutering and microchipping
  • Free bag of Hill's Vet Essentials Puppy Diet
  • Free 4 week's Pet Insurance
  • Free nurse health check at about 5 months

To book an appointment call Musselburgh 0131 665 3343 or Prestonpans 01875 814772

We will discuss the appointment in more detail and explain the safe distance measures we have put in place to aviod face-to-face contact and to help keep clients and staff safe.

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