Home Alone

new puppy lifestyle 10How can you get pupppies accustomed to being left alone?

  • Get the puppy accustomed to being left alone by leaving them for very short times initially and gradually build up the time left.  Dogs shouldn’t be left for more than 4 hours at a time on a regular basis.  Boredom can cause dogs to bark or be destructive in the house.  Getting puppies accustomed to being left alone gradually can help pevent separation anxiety later.

  • Let the puppy see that you are getting ready to go out, put on your coat, get the car keys, close the door on them and then come back a few minutes later.

  • Leaving them for just a few minutes initially lets them soon see that although you go away you do come back.

  • If your puppy struggles with separation anxiety there are products that can help.

For more information please speak with one of our veterinary nurses.