Visiting the Vets: Puppies

new puppy lifestyle 3 bustercollarThe first time your puppy or kitten visits us is likely to be their Free Initial Health Check or First Vaccinations if these haven't been carried out by the breeder.  Allow a few days at home for your new pet to settle before bringing them for their health check.

  • If possible start to get them accustomed to being in the car for short journeys before their first visit to the vet
  • Don't feed your puppy or kitten just beofre leaving and ensure tht they've had an opportunity to go to the toilet.
  • Once at the surgery keep your puppy in your arms or in a basket.  Do not put them on the floor until they have had their full course of vaccinations.
  • It's a good idea to help your pet get accustomed to visiting the vet so that they don't find it a stressful experience.  Popping in regularly for a weight check once they've had their full course of vaccinations is a good way to get accustomed to visiting the vets.

For more information please speak with one of our veterinary nurses.