Unwanted Puppy Behaviours

new puppy lifestyle 8Training

It's a good idea to take your puppy to training classes to help learn some basic commands.  Puppies can attend these after their 2nd vaccination.  However, there may be a waiting list so it is good to enquire about these early.

Is it normal to bite?

Although it is normal for puppies to nip, they do need to learn that this isn’t acceptable behaviour.  Without getting cross or losing your temper make it clear in a firm voice that they are to stop.  If the behaviour continues then remove them and put them into their indoor kennel until they are calm.

Discouraging chewing

  • Give your puppy toys to help prevent chewing of your own shoes and possessions
  • Give them a couple of toys to choose from and rotate these for variety
  • Toys that contain a kibble of their food are a good distraction
  • If your puppy does chew something he shouldn't take the item away and say 'no' firmly

For more information please speak with one of our veterinary nurses.