How to Puppy Proof Your Home

new puppy lifestyle 6Puppies are very inquisitive and inclined to chew anything within their reach so it’s important to keep floors clear, to keep anything dangerous out of their reach and to ensure that the garden is safe and secure.  Look at your home from puppy level  to see any possible risks.

  • Using an indoor kennel gives them a safe and secure den well away from dangerous temptations. Get them used to the indoor kennel from an early stage.
  • Keep floors clear of anything that a puppy could chew, eat or hurt itself with, including small items of clothing, toys and shoes.
  • Keep puppies away from electrical cables as they can be tempting to chew.
  • Keep cleaning supplies and chemicals away from puppies and ensure they can't reach rubbish bins
  • You could use a stair gate to prevent puppies from falling downstairs or entering rooms that you want to keep them out of.  Ensure that the gaps aren't big enough for a puppy to get through, or to get stuck between.


  • Don’t let giant breed dogs go down the stairs as it can be damaging for the joints.


  • Use a fireguard to protect puppies from open fires.
  • Keep all medicines out of reach
  • Keep puppies in sight whenever they are in the garden.
  • Keep slug bait, creosote and weedkiller well out of reach of puppies.
  • Keep ponds covered and keep them away from paddling pools.  Small puppies could struggle to get out if they fall in.
  • Be aware of plants and bulbs in the garden that can be dangerous to puppies: The Dogs Trust has a helpful list of plants to avoid 
  • Never use a lawn mower or strimmer if your puppy is in the garden, and don't leave tools with sharp blades or points lying around.
  • Don't let puppies have access to small stones or gravel as there is a risk that they swallowing them and they can become stuck.
  • Ensure the garden is secure and escape proof.