Kitten Behaviour

new kitten lifestyle 11 withpersonPlaying with your kitten

Did you know that your little kitten is always primed to hunt? So playtime gives her a great opportunity to indulge her natural instincts. Try to spend several sessions of 10 to 15 minutes a day playing with her. Choose small toys that she will enjoy stalking, chasing and pouncing on.  It is best to avoid toys that have long pieces of string that could be swallowed.

Chasing a torch beam across the wall will help keep your kitten mentally stimulated and exercised.

A scratching-post inside the house is helpful in protecting your furniture, even if your kitten is able to go outside. The post should be covered in material that is not found anywhere else in the house (for example string), so that the kitten does not learn to scratch other items like your carpet.

When to let your kitten outside

 We usually advise keeping your kitten indoors until it has been neutered which we recommend be carried out at around 4-5 months.  Kittens should not be let outside until at least a week after its first course of vaccinations (approx. 13-14 weeks)

Be sure to have your kitten microchipped to increase the chances of being reunited if she strays from home.  More Information (link to microchipping page)

For more information speak to one of our veterinary nurses.