Kitten Proofing Your Home


new kitten lifestyle 2Kittens are born explorers and exploring their environment helps them establish a safe and secure territory.  However this can lead your kitten into potentially dangerous situations so it’s important to take precautions against any potential dangers.

  • Keep windows closed so your kitten can't fall out or escape. If you do need to open a window ensure that your kitten can't get out. For example, mesh screens are available to secure over open windows.
  • Don't allow kittens onto a balcony.
  • Don't leave food out  and ensure that kittens can't access boiling saucepans and kettles  or sharp knives.
  • It's not uncommon for kittens to swallow wool or threads.  These can become very difficult to remove and are epecially dangerous if attached to a needle.
  • Keep kittens away from poisonous houseplants (including lilies, ivies, philodendrons and poinsettias) and poisonous garden plants ( including crocuses, dafodils, tulips, snowdrops, lily of the valley and aconite)
  • Remove breakable ornaments 
  • Use a fireguard to protect kittens from open fires and chimneys 
  • keep fish tanks and bird cages out of reach ot your kitten
  • Keep detergents and chemicals out of reach, including metaldehyde - in slug/snail baits/pellets and ethylene glycol –the active ingredient in antifreeze
  • Plastic bags, electrical equipment and cables all pose a risk to kittens
  • Open washing machines, tumble driers and open toilets pose a risk for kittens
  • Keep all medicines out of reach, including over the counter medicines such as paracetamol, and spot-on flea treatments for dogs – many contain Permethrin which is poisonous to cats
  • Decorating materials – e.g. paints, varnishes, preservatives, paint and glass cleaners can contain petroleum distillates; are harmful to cats.
  • Make sure that there are no gaps under garden fences that a kitten could get under and escape the safety of the garden

For more information speak to one of our veterinary nurses.