Covid-19 Latest Guidelines for Horse Owners

In response to the latest government guidelines and instructions form the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons we must temporarily postpone our provision of routine preventative health care and focus on health issues and emergencies, and do so in a way that minimises face-to-face contact. Therefore, until further notice we shall only carry out:


If Your Horse is Unwell

For anything other than preventative health care listed below call 01620 822262.  We will assess if a Video Consultation or Safe Distancing Consultation is appropriate, or if it is advisable to postpone until the government restrictions have been lifted.


Preventative Health Care that is Temporarily Suspended

  • Annual Flu boosters or six-monthly boosters. We are assured that a ‘vaccine amnesty’ will be put in place and we are aware that BEVA is actively seeking relaxation of the 365 day rule.
  • Pre-Purchase Examinations
  • Passport and ID documents
  • Riding School Inspections
  • Sedation for para-professionals (dentists and physios)
  • Radiography for sales and survey studies
  • Field castrations
  • On site yard gastroscopy