Puppy Socialisation Sounds Programme

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Helping Puppies Become Familiar with Everyday Sounds

Dog behaviourists recommend that puppies get accustomed to other dogs and people, new situations and a wide range of sounds from an early age.  You can do this with a youong puppy by taking them out in the car driving past schools, playgrounds and roadworks.  If they can see out of the car they can also get accustomed to seeing different things too.  Taking puppies to socialisation classes helps too, but you can also get them accustomed to a variety of sights and sounds at home.

This sound programme courtesy of Dogs Trust includes a selection of sounds that every puppy should become familiar with including traffic, domestic noises, children and fireworks.

The accompanying manual explains how to settle a pup into its new home and how to deal with problems such as house training, play biting and settling a puppy at night.



    The sound tracks 31 - 34 are ones that some dogs will react to. They are also sounds that have the potential to alarm a puppy. If the puppy’s mother, or another dog in the household, already reacts to any of these sounds, then these tracks should not be played when that dog is present. When playing them to the puppy for the first time, start with a lower sound volume to avoid causing a fearful reaction.