Exercise Tips for Dogs


As well as feeding your pet the correct nutrition, promoting regular exercise will help the process of healthy weight loss.

Simply beginning by increasing walks by an extra 10 minutes per day will help to get your dog accustomed to more exercise.

Here are a few exercise and workout tips you and your dog can do together:


Power Dog Walks with Intervals

Take your dog for a walk on a lead.  Throughout the walk mix in some intervals of brisk walking, jogging or running to help increase the heart rate and burn calories.

Dog Tag

Just as you did so many times with your friends as a kid, play tag with your dog. You'll both get a great cardio workout as your dog tries to chase you down.

Resistance walk

Try to walk your dog on a different range of surfaces like sand, shallow water, fallen leaves, snow or on a rough surface (as long as it is not so rough that it would cause discomfort).


If there is a safe place nearby for your dog to swim it's a great way to get good cardiovascular exercise.  Swimming also has the benefit of enabling dogs to exercise without putting pressure on the joints.  This is particularly good as overweight animals are more prone to joint problems.