Keep Mentally and Physically Stimulated

cat mentally and physically stimulated

Playing with your cat provides exercise that helps to manage their weight as well as keeping joints supple, and it also helps stimulate their mind as well.  These are just as important for a senior cat as they are for a young one.  If your older cat has any health issues, such as a heart condition or arthritis, this can affect the type, and amount of play, that is recommended for them.  Speak with one of our vets if your cat has a health condition.


Some cats enjoy rolling toys whilst others prefer cat wands with feathers and other colourful items or brain teasing food balls filled with healthy treats or even simple pieces of string.  However, never leave your cat unattended with toys that contain strings or wires as they can become entangled or even swallow the string which can be very dangerous for them.

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Maintain a healthy weight