Ear Mites

These parasites are a tiny insect that likes to live off the scale and fluids within the ear of both dogs and cats.

What problems do they cause?
Ear mites can cause intense irritation leading to severe scratching and secondary ear infections as well as occasionally problems elsewhere on the body.

How can ear mite infestations be avoided?
Ear mite infestations are more common in animals with dirty ear canals and so to avoid ear mites ear canal cleanliness is very important.
Ear mites are spread from animal to animal through close contact and so if one of your pets is infected it is vitally important to treat all animals in your house to stop re infection.

How can ear mite infestations be treated?
Ear mites can easily be prevented with the regular use of a spot on treatment. An all in one treatment that prevents fleas, worms, ear mites and lice is the most convenient way of keeping your pet free from these irritating parasites.